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This site is put together with my personal experiences from this seller, it is of course Without Prejudice! 

                      An eBay seller NOT to buy from!
I bought some HID lights from this seller. It all started off great (it always does when they want your money) but it did not work out that way - Here's why ...

The kit was listed for ANY vehicle and guaranteed to give no error codes. I have a Can Bus system, guess what?

When fitted one ballast flickered and would not work correctly, very strange as this would fit ANY vehicle!

I had contacted the seller for a warranty item but it was not quite as simple as that. Initially I had to cut the wire and send pictures, then I was offered to send the kit back at my postage cost, then It was said that IF I left positive feedback they would send me a warranty ballast but I had to leave the feedback 1st. I left negative feedback which you will know if you have come from eBay. This process had been in negation for all but a month. They even said they would send me a ballast IF I removed the negative feedback!

Its a total JOKE!

My recommendation is the steer clear of these people at all costs, if it goes wrong you will pay for it in one way or another!

Take a look at this Link if you doubt it. Their Feedback

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